July 18, 2016

I admit it, words without action have always frustrated me but then so does the reverse. I have learned (sometimes the hard way) that there is a season for everything.

For the most part, Dan and I have been in sync with the big things, like foundational beliefs, church, values, raising children, where we live, and family. Around these we developed our vision and our goals together. This does not mean we have always agreed but it does mean we did a lot of talking, sometimes quietly and sometimes not so quietly (and we still do) in order to continously re-align our words with our actions. For example: In our late twenties we had to re-align our vision to something more realistic when we realized we were not going to be multi-millionaires by age 35. I could write a series of life lessons we learned on this one but I won’t.

Some re-alignment is painful, some takes work and some takes a lot of faith. Since faith is not truly faith without actions that follow, we took “the leap” but not without a lot of planning and preparation first.

After the planning but before the preparation, we met with our CPA and Financial Advisor and asked him to review our numbers, our scenarios and blow holes in our budget. Luckily we had done enough planning and saving over the years (even though we got a late start) and he gave us the ‘green’ light for the type of simple retirement we had laid out….if we stick to the budget!

The truth is we have been talking about what we wanted out of life and living in the moment while embracing ‘carpe diem’ for a long time. It has always been near the top of our list. Live life with no regrets. At times this has meant swallowing pride, holding our tongue, sacrifice and the occational shedding of tears. It has also meant healing, unconditional love, gratefulness and joy.

So where does our faith come in you may ask? Faith comes from hearing and doing. For us, it means giving it all up to live in a RV. It comes from knowing our lives are not our own and by continuously laying down our own will and seeking the will of our maker.

Lesson Learned: Live life daily with no regrets….it is never to late to plan and save for the future. Always seek wise counsel. A cord of three stands is not easily broken.

Ecclesiastes 4:12


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