Tomorrow is a big day for us, we enter Santiago de Compostella, our promised land.

September 16 – 29

After 46 days of blisters, physical exhaustion, stinging sweat, top bunks with no air circulation, parched mouths, mountains, hills, ravines, cold showers, and wearing the same hand washed clothes day after day……we are hiking the final 3 miles of our 500 mile physical trek ro reach our destination, the city of Santiago de Compostella. This is the most challenging trek we have ever accomplished.

We met new friends from all over the world, swapping stories, sharing in hardships and in laughter, building a Camino commeradity that only pilgrims truly understand.

We talked until there were no more words and then we walked for miles in silence as we emptied our minds of what binds us and our feet plodded on as if they had a mind of their own.

Often alone with the rhythm of our breathing and our poles, we melded into the landscape around us. Our backpacks, our boots, our minds, and each other, played a intricate part in our pending success or failure.

Some say the first part of the Camino is physical, the second part mental, and the last part spiritual, but for me it has been all three roled up into my heart-and-soul from the beginning to the end.

The Camino gave us a structured way to fulfill a desire we had since we were kids and that was to backpack Europe. After watching a movie called ‘The Way’ it became more then a desire, it became a calling that helped redefine our lives and a tool to help us connect to world in desperate need.

We started this journey with much more in mind then hiking the Camino. We knew the decision to go would force us to make changes that would forever change our lives. We never doubted it because God has been our guide.

For you that don’t believe, that’s ok. There is no judgment here.

However since this is our story,  I must describe it as I see it.  It is full of adventure, wanderlust and faith. There are chapters full of comedy, drama, and romance. There are pages and pages of regrets, and lots of continual forgiveness needed. Mostly there is love.

The Camino is what God used as a catalyst to help shape us into his masterpiece. We are continual work in progress so don’t expect us to be done when you see us.

God also put you in our hearts and minds while walking, so if you are reading our posts, we have been praying for you. We pray that though all your mountains, valleys, rough terrain and desert places, you will have a God song to carry you through like we have.

This is one of the reasons why we were called to walk ‘The Camino’.












3 thoughts on “Reaching Our Promised Land…

  1. I feel so blessed to be able to watch your journey of a lifetime. Very proud to know two Christian people that feel the same way I do. Thank you so much for posting your journey.


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