February 13, 1017

I started to feel anxity rise up from within, as if I was lost in a maze looking for an exit.

The cookie cutter homes had neatly manicured lawns surrounded by golf courses and lakes. ‘The Villages’ is a beautiful retirement community of over 113,000 people and golf carts. However the homes reminded me of a eerie Stepford town and I kept expecting to see a stepford wife step out her front door, but I saw no one.

I read that there are over 100 miles of roads and cart paths connecting resident homes to banks, post offices, resturants, name brand shops, health-care centers, pools and clubhouses.

The amenities they offer their residents are endless, making it more of a Disney World for seniors. Everything a 55+ community would want is inside this 20,000 acre semi-gated community, and it is still growing! ‘The Villages’ is a safe, self contained city located in central Florida, north of Orlando.

According to an article I read on slate.com by Craig Pittman, he wrote “The Villages likes to bill itself as ‘America’s Friendliest Hometown’ and has a huge increase in sexual transmitted  diseases!”  People, these are retired folks acting like uninformed teenagers! The police said they are doing more on the golf courses, then golfing..eeewww get a room for peets sake.

Dan and I spoke with a very nice and informative real estate agent. She highlighted how fun it was there and mentioned her kids gave her a bumper sticker that said, “The Villages, a community of drinkers with a golfing problem.”

We wandered by the retail shops, past the square where they were setting up for a outdoor concert. Across the street it was happy hour and there were obviously “happy” people enjoying themselves and the music.

Our first impression was that this maybe a nice place for some people but not for us. We feel way to young for a place like this and we don’t want to be entertained as if we were on a 24/7 cruise ship.

We enjoy travel and being active. We enjoy being still and quiet. We enjoy connecting with family, old friends and new ones and we have a heart for helping others. Our RV gives us the flexibility, affordability and freedom to do these things.

After visiting ‘The Villages’ I want to go back home, home to my RV. It’s been a year since we moved into our rig and we still have no regrets. Dan said that I would never make a good Stepford wife anyway and I agree.


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