March 19th, 2017

I am gazing out our bug splattered windshield at the long stretch of highway 60 before me. I am thinking that the neutural grey-green shrubs blend well on the open space of the high desert we are driving through. They are the bones of this landscape with occational patches of red dirt for a splash of color.

The hum of our 250 Ford engine mingled with the familiar rattles of our old truck, lulls me into a state of introspective consciousness.

Something is changing but it’s hard to put my finger on, or describe but I am going to try.

Since we have been full time RV’ers, home in the traditional sense of the word, is where we ‘park it’. I know a lot of you don’t consider living out of an RV on the open road, as having a home. Traditionally a home is someplace you can put your roots down, find a doctor, a dentist and get to know your neighbors right?.  That is what we thought too when we started this journey Feb 1st of 2016.

So what is changing? you ask. The more we’re on the road, the more I realize that we are developing wings and deeper roots. Stay with me now, I know this sounds a bit crazy but let me explain. These wings I am talking about are free of self imposed limitations. These wings, when spred to fly, trust in something much bigger then ourselves. These wings give me a different perspective, one of being a very small part of life on this planet. These wings help me to see glimpses of the grand design. They also remind me that I am only passing through. If I am only passing through, I must be going through to somewhere. This ‘somewhere’ is part of the grand design which is part of a grand plan. Plans have an architect. I need only to look at the universe to know it is so. How it all works far surpasses my understanding but knowing the architect gives me hope, and it gives me peace.

RV life is humbling. This is part of our journey. At times it can be lonely, scary, frustrating and stressful. But it can also be fulfilling, adventurous, freeing, enlightening, relaxing and beautiful!

We camped at Homolovi State Park. We had the privilege of looking at constellations through telescopes the Ranger’s had set up for us. I felt so small against the black inky sky full of pin hole lights suspended in space.  The more I gazed to the heavens, the smaller I became in the universe, yet I gained a stronger sense of self and belonging at the same time. I know I am part of the grand design. I feel the world beneath my feet but there is also a wonderful connection knowing that we are part of something truly profound.

Our roots are deep. The ones that strangle are being trimed off. The ones that give life are growing with nourishment in the river of life.

If you have been following our journey as we left corporate america, sold our home, downsized, hiked 500 miles across Spain and then went on the road as full time RV’ers, then you already know our home is not of this world. We are just passing through.


5 thoughts on “Wheels with Wings

  1. Wow, what a wonderful, fabulous and profound sharing of your understanding. Please keep sharing, as more people need to understand what you know. True freedom and connection. Soar on✌️😇


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